Sunday, 16 January 2011

Today's Morning Walk

After an all day snowfall yesterday I decided to take my camera along on my morning walk. It was a nice light snowfall. There was no wind so the snow came straight down and there are no snow drifts. The town did a good job of clearing all the streets and sidewalks overnight.

Looking up our street - our house on the right
Snowy trees

Evergreen tree and wrought iron fence

This snowbank is from the parking lot being cleared

I love this little salt box house, not sure why

Looking toward the downtown lock

Ice on the lock

Bridge and Rideau Canal Museum

The newly painted water tower- no longer says Chocolate Town

Downtown-Beckwith Street looking north

Beckwith Street looking south


  1. Those are beautiful pictures, Sandra. I love building, especially the old victorian houses. It is a good pictorial of your area.

  2. It's a house with character and a history...that's why!

  3. The city clears the sidewalks too. They never did that in the Midwest were we're from. They expected us to get out there and scoop them. Even wrote tickets to those that didn't get it done.
    Nice pictures as always!

  4. Lovely little town and very interesting houses, Sandra.
    Beckwith Street looks slippery?
    So glad you shared those views of it. Thanks.

    We don't get snow here, well we have a couple of times over the last 30 years, but it didn't stay on the ground. So it is informatative for me to find out that the city ploughs it out of the way. I thought they just threw salt and gravel on it.

    Happy Walks with more Photos.

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  6. What a gorgeous walk about town! Loved the shot of the house and tree and wrought iron fence... My kinda place!

    Karen and Steveio
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard


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