Monday, 8 November 2010

Saturday to Monday November 6-8, 2010


No rain, knees feel better, on with my walk!

After breakfast and my usual morning computering, I was looking at a local flyer and decided I needed to go out. They had blueberries on sale! So away I went and by the time I got back my heel was hurting again!

This afternoon was spent relaxing and reading and trying to stay off my heel. Now that my knees feel better, my heel feels worse! I can't win!

It was quite chilly all day and by 7 p.m, it was already 0C (32F).


It was cloudy and -3C (27F) when I got up for my walk this morning. The sky looked kind of interesting so I took my camera but didn't see any photos worth taking my gloves off for!

A few days ago I posted some problems that a couple had with Heartland. I've been asked to post this rebuttal by another couple I know who are owners of a Heartland fifth wheel.

I would like to make a comment regarding the comment that was added to your blog regarding Heartland Products.
Mac and I purchased a 2010 Heartland Landmark Augusta in February of 2009. We have had a few issues with our RV but Heartland stood behind everyone of them! We had a list of items that neeed to be checked while we were in Elkhart Indiana at the Escapees Escapade in September of this year. Here are a few of the items needed checked...leak in back cap, outside steps tilting, wear on one of the tires,leak in the underbody, basement doors were not level, and some paint issues on our full body paint.
We talked to Steve Kennel, at Heartland, and he made arrangements for us to bring our RV to the Heartland Factory, not a dealer, to be checked. We took it to the factory, and they had it for 4 days...everything was fixed, plus they put a new axle on where the tire was wearing, and even found a leak in one of our tanks and also fixed it. Our RV was out of Warranty as of Feb 28th 2010, and they fixed everything at no charge!
I can understand that every RV will have issues, but Heartland has stood behind every one of the issues that we have had and we would definitely buy another one without question.

I got ambitious this afternoon and made some peanut butter cookies. These are the best ones yet. You'd never know they were made with gluten free flour.


It was cloudy and chilly again for my walk but no where near what it's going to be.

This morning I made my Monday morning grocery run but didn't find anything I wanted in the Manager's specials at the grocery.

After lunch we went to get our flu shots and stopped at the library so I could load up on books. By then the sun had come out. It was sure nice to see it for a change.


  1. I hope you can get the "heel" issue fixed. That could really be confining.

    (I tried to leave a comment but it looks like it didn't "take". If so, please delete the duplicate.)

  2. Hi Sandra, so sorry about your heel. My SIL had that while on their trip, so I gave her some Salonpas pain relieving patches to put on it, and she said it really helped, and bought more.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  3. I have to add that we too have a Heartland product. I researched alot before we bought and found that Heartland Customer Service is one of the best. Everyone has issues and we have had ours but they have taken care of them. I also know many people that have been out of warranty that have had their issues taken care of. I think there may be more to this story or they haven't gone far enough.


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