Monday, 15 November 2010

Monday November 15, 2010

This morning we got ready and headed in to Ottawa. I had an appointment for a visual field test at the optometrist's office due to signs of glaucoma that have come up over the past year or so.

We arrived early and started looking at cell phones. I wanted to go to one place that sold for everyone so they could give us the best idea of what company to go with and what plan/pay as you go. We ran out of time so headed for my appointment.

My visual field test was inconclusive so I am to go back again in 6 months. While there and since my Nortel extended benefits are finished as of the end of this year, I decided to get glasses for using the computer. I picked out my frames and the glasses should be ready in about a week.

After that we went to my sister's. She had taken today off and we had John's birthday gift to drop off. We got him a portable tool chest. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo.

It was at their place that I tried my Verizon cell phone and realized that service had been cut off six days early so we headed over to Carlingwood Mall to Wireless Wave where we decided to go with Bell Mobility (even though I hate Bell). Both my sister and her husband were adamant that Bell was the way to go. We checked out various plans but decided to buy the phones outright and go with a pay as you go. So, if anyone has our Verizon cell phone numbers they are no longer any good and we're only using our new ones for emergency use.

Nokia 7230

With that problem taken care of we had only a couple more stops to make and we were home again!

I didn't see anything on our trip worth photographing today.

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  1. It is so difficult choosing a phone and service that is right for you. I wish I had gone with a pre-paid phone, but I wanted to keep my phone # and Verizon's pre-paid plans are outrageous. I think something like T-Mobile (or whatever they are now called) is the way to go.

    Next time I think I 'm going to get a Jitterbug and never again have to worry about inadvertently turning on the camera, or hitting the mute button, etc. Just a streamlined phone with big numbers!


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