Friday, 29 October 2010

Tuesday to Friday October 26-29,2010


It  looked like it had rained most of the night but when I went for my walk the rain was over and it was just cloudy but warm at 13C (55F). It was lovely for walking and listening to Wayne Rostad!

Last night our fireplace quit. It's only five months old so we pulled it out and Gordon looked at it but he couldn't find the problem so sent the customer service department an email.

By that time the sun had come out.

The good news is that our old mayor got back in office but only by the skin of his teeth. He won by 68 votes! The other good news is four of the six councilors I voted for got elected!

When I was outside the other day I saw that there was some stain on the side of the house. I thought that George's sloppy painting of the deck was limited to the front. Not so! So I took my trusty Purple Power out since it was such a nice day and removed it from the side of the house.

I was getting ready to do some bill paying this morning when I saw that I had been charged $10.19 for data last month on my Verizon bill. When I had looked at the bill last month to pay it, that charge wasn't there and besides, I had the data feature of my phone turned off two years ago! So, I called Verizon. The lady I spoke to said that this data didn't come through the internet (???) and that I had to text them with the word 'stop'. I said I'd never texted before in my life. She suggested I go to the nearest Verizon store to have them help me and I told her that wasn't likely to happen since we're in Canada (I didn't give details) so she removed the charge for the data as well as the $5.00 late fee that's on this month's bill. I always love dealing with Verizon. They're so accommodating and customer oriented. We only have one more month on Verizon and then we're canceling since our contract is up. I'm not looking forward to dealing with cell phone companies up here. In a previous life I've already had run ins with Bell Canada and Fido. We're only looking for emergency service when we get our new cell phones and our cell numbers will only be known to the two of us so we need to get information on what's available. I've been looking for a while but everything is so complicated! We need something cheap but reliable.

We reached a high of 23C (73F) today. This must be our Indian summer.


Today was an absolutely beautiful sunny day and again 23C (73F).

I was up early as we had to go in to Ottawa again. Gordon had an appointment to pick up his new glasses and I had an appointment to get the second coat of resin on my sensitive tooth at the dentist's. I was also picking up our records from the dentist as we will be going to a dentist here in town.

On our way to Ottawa we saw these interesting barns

With a sheep door

We stopped and picked up some things at Natural Food Pantry then on to Leon's to look at DVD recorders. They didn't have what we wanted in stock so we drove back to Kanata and wound up getting what we wanted at Best Buy for less money.

We had lunch at Wendy's. We wish there was a Wendy's here in Smiths Falls but the closest one is in Perth about 12 miles away.

When the appointments were finished we stopped at my sister's to see them and to draw names for Christmas.

On the way home the sun was brutal, not complaining, just sayin.... We stopped for a few photos in the little town of North Gower.

This is the Holy Trinity Anglican Church in North Gower

A closeup of the doors on the church


My father used to say "Yellow sky in the morning, sailors take warning". The southern sky was yellow this morning as I went for my walk. Made me wonder what kind of day we had in store.

I got this from Old Wives Tales archives
Red [yellow] sky in the morning, shepherd’s (sailor’s)warning;
Red sky at night, shepherd’s (sailor’s) delight.

I borrowed Gordon's photo of this morning's yellow sky.

Gordon went to our new dentist here in town this morning and had his teeth cleaned and a check up. He has three more appointments next month. He said the people there are really nice. For him to say that, they must be! He doesn't much like dentists.

When he returned I went out on a grocery/errand run but was back in time to make some bread, do some reading, and take a nap before getting dinner ready.

While I was out, I also checked into more cell phone plans. They're selling phones at pharmacies now and I actually got more information from the lady at Shopper's Drug Mart than any other place we've been.

We had both sun and cloud today but it was windy for most of the day. It was also cooler than it's been the last couple of days.


It was cloudy this morning and while the radio said there was a misty rain, it wasn't raining here so I had my walk.

After breakfast I had to go out and do some photocopying. After only about a month, our fireplace quit working so the repairman is coming this afternoon to fix it under warranty and he needed a copy of the receipt.

While I was out Gordon was busy hooking up our new DVD recorder. It's working but we have to figure out how to set it to record by time.

This afternoon the repairman came and fixed our fireplace. After a month of use, one day it wouldn't turn on. Turned out to be a bad fuse. Now it's working so we hope that's all it was.

It looked like we might have a sunset tonight. Unfortunately the sun has moved a lot in the last few weeks so we'll have to find a new spot for sunset for winter. There was a lot of pretty golden light though.


  1. In Canada can you get those "pay as you go" plans? I really envy you being able to have a land line now and just a cell phone for emergencies.

  2. I love the barns! I hope you have a phone for us to call you when we get there. We're getting excited about the full summer plans.

  3. What lovely pictures, again.Thanks.

    So sheep get 'doggie doors', too!
    I wonder if they are 'barn-broken'?

    I am still in awe over your lovely surroundings there.

    Happy Trails, Penny, TX


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