Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Tuesday to Thursday September 21-23, 2010-The Truck is Sold!


After my walk in drizzle and breakfast, I decided to make Nancy's recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies substituting butterscotch for chocolate since neither of us can eat chocolate any more. At first I thought they didn't turn out well as they crumbled easily but when I left them to sit for a while they were much better. I've decided I need two more cookie sheets!

The rest of the day was spent napping and reading.

We did go out for sunset but just to the park down the street. It didn't turn out to be very good but the wind was blowing and it was mild. Gordon suggested we pretend we were standing on the bow of a cruise ship. We used to do that every night after dinner when we were on cruises.


We had quite a lot of rain last evening and overnight but when I got up it had stopped so away I went for my walk. The sun even came out.

Just as I was fixing my breakfast a loud knock came to the back door. It was the bylaw enforcement officer. We have our truck parked in the yard by the road which is apparently town property and we aren't allowed to park anything let alone anything for sale there. Bummer. We were getting most of our calls from drive bys. So, Gordon moved it back into the driveway. It can't be seen easily from the road there.

The bylaw enforcement officer is also an RVer. He told Gordon that the AR license for RVs had come into effect this summer so if we had continued he would have had to go for the license test. I guess we quit at the right time. This license would allow you drive a semi cab but not with a trailer attached, only the truck with the RV attached.

It was warm today. I got to wear sandals probably for the last time this year!

Today is my last day for eye drops. Finally! Everyone says the worst part of getting cataracts removed is the eye drops. It has been tedious but necessary. I still have an appointment for a check-up with the surgeon at the end of the month and if all is okay, I won't have to see him for a year!

I went out to run some errands this afternoon and I had a surprise call from my friend, Laura tonight. Great to hear from you, Laura, thanks for calling!


It was cooler this morning but mostly sunny. I headed toward the Old Sly Locks as I wanted to get some photos of the Falls. The grass was very wet! I wasn't able to get a really good vantage point unfortunately and had to take the photo from the top of the Falls. It didn't turn out very well.

This is the grounds around Old Slys Locks

More of the grounds

Looking toward downtown

An early Fall scene

We sold the truck this afternoon so the RVing era is now officially over. It was sold to a nice guy from the Kingston area, the same one that was here this past weekend so everyone's happy!

Goodbye Big Larry!

I made gluten free pancakes and sausages for dinner tonight! It was a yummy change but not particularly nutritious.


  1. Congrats on the sale of the truck. I am sure you had a wistful twinge as it went away?

    What a lovely area you chose to live in, I say that nearly every time, don't I?

    The pictures and autumn colors are beautiful.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. Oh glad the truck sold and you don't have to deal with the local ordinance issues. Now not having to pay insurance, plates, maintenance and other assorted costs, you can use it for your new lifestyle!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard


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