Sunday, 5 September 2010

Sunday to Tuesday September 5-7, 2010


It was much cooler for my morning walk. I even had on a sweater and was still chilly till I got moving!

I was out of eye drops so I headed over to Walmart to get my prescription filled. While out I did a few other errands.

After lunch, I went out and washed the interior of the truck, then tried to get the bugs off the grille. Gordon came out and cleaned the hubcaps and then washed the outside of the truck. While he was doing that I washed the car. We went out to get some Armorall and some For Sale signs but they were all out of them at Dollarama and they wanted $5.99 at Canadian Tire so we'll wait till we go to Ottawa next week and get some there. Why pay $5.99 when you can buy them for $1.00?

And then, of rained!


Happy Labour Day!

It was sunny and cool for my walk this morning. I took a different route and walked a bit through the eastern part of downtown. In walking past the Comfort Inn I saw that they have a deck built for outdoor dining. Might have to look into that!

I got one thing done today - I put mactac on the shelf below the bathroom sink. Other than that I read.

We had more rain.


It was raining when I got up this morning however it turned into a beautiful sunny, warm day.

I was up early as we had to go to Ottawa for an appointment with my periodontist's office to have my teeth cleaned as well as one to get our shots for shingles. We got that out of the way and ran a few errands then headed home.

I even got to sit out on my front porch and read for a while today (and listen to my wind chimes). It was just a beautiful afternoon which turned into a really awful evening with lots of heavy rain and thunderstorms.

Today I'm done with eye drops in my right eye which was the first one done on August 4th. It will be two more weeks for the left one. It's been said that the worst part of the cataract operation is the eye drops and I have to agree with that although having someone poking around in my eye wasn't fun either but at least it didn't take long!

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