Friday, 2 July 2010

An Eventful Few Days-The End of our RVing


We had some sun and cloud this morning but at least it wasn't raining so I had a nice walk.

After breakfast I got ready and went out. First stop was downtown at the bank to turn in all the rolled coin I had. After that I stopped at the two thrift stores. I was looking for some shorts but didn't find anything I liked. I did find a blue tablecloth for my table though.

From there I went and got a haircut. Today was the last day for my 15% off coupon and also the last day before we get charged an extra 8% tax on haircuts and many other things. After the haircut, I stopped at our local Dollarama and found some chair pads for $2/each. They'll do for now! Guess I should cut the tags off them though.

Then I stopped for groceries as tomorrow is Canada Day and most of the stores will be closed.

After a late lunch and some computer time, I had a nap.

Tonight we went out for sunset. We drove to the little town of Merrickville to see if there was an access there for sunset in a pretty spot but wound up going back to Kilmarnock.


The second day in a row with no rain in the morning so I had another nice walk. I also got my hair coloured again! It doesn't seem to last nearly as long as it used to.

We were just hanging around this morning when the phone rang. It was a lady interested in our RV. They were at Tranquil Acres for the weekend. Dave had shown it to them last night so they asked if we could come over to the campground so we could have a chat. We made arrangements to meet them at the RV at 1 p.m.

The long and the short of it is that they liked it and made us an offer. We accepted! We hung around the campground for a while talking to Dave and Shonagh, cleaning the nose of the RV and cleaning out the storage area. Just as we were leaving Gordon saw this little fawn running through the campground trying to find a way out. He was so sweet!

Just before 10 p.m. we headed over to the easement that goes to the water just across from the house. It was a perfect spot to watch the fireworks. We just need portable chairs now - more garage sales!

Photo by Gordon


It was a beautiful sunny day so another nice walk. Very little humidity today. Other than some cleaning, I read and had a nap. My allergies are bothering me.

Late in the afternoon we got ready to go to Carleton Place to Tranquil Acres. I dropped Gordon off and went to Walmart and Bulk Barn. He wanted to check to be sure the fridge, air conditioner and furnace all worked since they hadn't been used in so long.

When I got back to the campground we met with the new owners and exchanged the ownership for money! We hung around talking to the owners of the campground for a while then left to return home.

Tranquil Acres views

Along the Mississippi River

A little frog

The new dock

The orange tractor

And a last view of our Titanium

When Gordon took this photo we were no longer the owners

We had decided to go out for dinner so went to Rob Roy's Pub in Smiths Falls. The food was pretty good. They have an open rear deck but it was too chilly to sit out even though it was 22C (71F).

View from the back deck of Rob Roy's Pub

The selling of the RV marks the end of our RVing lifestyle. We're both glad we had that five years on the road but we're content now with our little house. It's a relief that it's sold but it's also sad to mark the end of the lifestyle we enjoyed so much.


  1. The final sale must have been a bitter-sweet moment for you. Sad to see the RV and the lifestyle go but sweet not to have to worry about a sale any longer. I hope you have many great years in your new home.

  2. There is always an element of sadness with the end of any memorable era & am I am sure you have experienced that these past few days.

  3. A relief, and a kind of sad event all at once. But if things get straightened out with the US Immigration folks, there are always more trailers and Canadian Snow birds in the world. Time has a way of sorting all that out. Enjoy your new home and life in what appears to be a very beautiful area of the world.
    Rod & Loyce

  4. This marks the beginning of your new adventure! I'm sure it was met with mixed emotions- take care.

  5. Well done! Those of us that are just getting into this lifestyle wonder what that day will be like and your post helps see see it.

    Thanks for posting and Congratulations as you step into the next phase of your life. Enjoy the journey!

  6. The end of your RVing lifestyle maybe.
    But you two will always be going and traveling somewhere to find the 'perfect' picture.
    I still see a tiny RV in your future.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  7. Well, you've turned that page in life's book. Read on!!! :)


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