Thursday, 24 June 2010

Thursday and Friday June 24 & 25, 2010


I woke up to rain so stayed in bed for a while longer listening to the rain and the radio. By the time I got up I had a headache so whether it's from staying in bed or atmospheric pressure, who knows?

Thursday's rain taken from the front door

Thanks to Alfreda for identifying the Virginia Creeper as my plant growing on the shed. I'll quit looking for clematis flowers now! LOL

It appears that everyone must have a life but me. No one is doing Jigzone puzzles anymore. I still do one every morning and sometimes more during the day. They're kind of fun and it keeps me off Bejeweled for a while. I should stop altogether and get at the basement!

It seems that not only did we have a major earthquake in this area yesterday but the pretty little town of Midland on Georgian Bay that we visited last summer when we stayed in Orillia was hit by a tornado. It took Environment Canada a while to determine that it was a tornado but one look at this photo would have told me!

Photo taken from the Weather Network news page

After a shower, I started on the basement, three more boxes emptied but there's still lots of stuff I can't find!


Gordon used to do a newsletter every so often after he moved up here in 1990 to send to friends and family in the U.S. He still has the soft copies but unfortunately the programs that he used to compose them don't work on the Intel Mac so he's been trying to find a way to open them so we can determine when we crossed the border since 1992. We need this for the Immigration lawyer, I have no idea why as they should have records of when we crossed the border. We always show our passports. Anyway, Gordon wasn't having any luck but he did have text files. So my job has been to go through the text files and take out all the gibberish that would have been photos and formatting etc in the original files.

That kept me busy today until we left to go to Ottawa. We were going to my sister's for dinner as it is my nephew/godson's 25th birthday today. Quite a milestone!

We had some errands to run first so arrived at their house around 4:30 p.m. Nick and Becky were already there but Danica was leaving to referee the top women's soccer league in Canada so we only got to see her for a few minutes.

Nick doesn't like cake so he always gets a birthday pie, blueberry, his favourite! Here's he's blowing out the candles on his pie.

Modeling his new golf shirt

Becky, Nick and Margie

We took our own dinner as Nick always requests baked spaghetti for his birthday, we can't eat the noodles and I also can't have the tomato sauce or cheese so it's just easier this way.

We had a nice time until Gordon checked his ipod and saw that the money had come through for a photo order that he's been waiting for for DAYS! So we had to leave and get home so he could send the photos to the purchaser. It was a BIG order! The largest he's ever had.

On our way out of Ottawa I saw this strange looking bicycle

After we got home and the photo order taken care of we were just in time to head over to Kilmarnock for sunset. And a pretty one it was!

A loon in sunset light


  1. Sandra - My husband (a huge fan of Gordon's) is a Mac programmer, and he suggested that you try File Juicer to see if you can resurrect Gordon's newsletters. See:

    Virtual hugs,

    Judie Ashford

  2. Did you say "Rain"? I remember rain...from my youth... LOL It is as dry as popcorn down here...rain all around but we have had 1/12" this month and it is not looking great for July unless this tropical storm turns Northwest.


  3. Sandra, Randy still does a Jigzone puzzle every morning. He's on the email subscription, so he has no excuse not to do it! :)


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