Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Wednesday May 26, 2010


Tuesday was hot, hot, hot! We reached a high of 34C (93F).

In the morning I ran some errands and picked up one of the comforter sets (gray with black flowers) at the Sears catalogue desk. The other one (taupe with black stripe) should arrive on Saturday (in Ottawa). I ordered these way back at the beginning of April and they've been on back order. I think the one I picked up today is too dark. I didn't take it out of the bag as I'm pretty sure that's the one I will be returning and I figured I'd never get it back in the bag. The carpet in the bedroom is beige and white mottled so I think the 'other one' which is taupe, white and black will work better and it's lighter. There isn't much black in it.

In the afternoon I got in some swing time again but it was pretty warm even under our big tree so we turned on the a/c to be sure it's working. It did a good job.


I didn't take a muscle relaxant last night nor tylenol this morning and my shoulder felt good when I got up so I decided to test it and vacuumed the whole place. My shoulder seems to be better. Let's hope it lasts!

I also called Canada Revenue to get tax forms from 1992 to 2003 as proof that I was living in Canada and not the U.S. It's time that we get busy on getting the information to the lawyer now that we've got the move under our belts. There's still lots more to do but we can function on what's been done now.

Today is supposed to be just as hot as yesterday so we turned the air conditioner on this morning which is why I was able to do the vacuuming. Otherwise it would have waited for a cooler, less humid day.

This afternoon I sat out on my swing again. Gordon came out and I said "today's the type of day when I miss ice cream". Of course, I can't eat it since I'm lactose intolerant but I did mention rainbow sherbet. So a while later he went out to get a photo of the day and came back with rainbow sherbet so we each had some. It sure tasted good on such a hot day. Our thermometer clocked 38C (100F) at about 4:30 p.m. That must be a record for this time of year here!


  1. Wow 38C we haven't seen anything like that clear down here in Kansas!

  2. I can't imagine it being that hot in May, way up north. I'm envious of the swing - I wish I had the space for one.

    When the case with U.S. Immigration gets settled, will you still come south during the winter?

  3. Yes, we do the rainbow sherbet thing too... and raspberry sherbet and one day they had mango sherbet YUMMMMM Steve has to watch his fat intake for cholesterol and giving up ice cream was his toughest sacrifice. Sherbet has taken a good hold on him, and I prefer it over ice cream anyhow.

    Sounds like you guys are getting nicely settled in your new place. Take some more pics?

    Karen and Steve
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