Monday, 5 April 2010

Monday April 5, 2010-Catching Up

Not much has happened since Friday except eating!

Saturday and Sunday I didn't go anywhere. I just wasn't feeling up to par. Sunday night we had another turkey dinner here at the house. The good thing about that is that I got all the dark meat to myself! LOL

Last night Nancy and I made up some boxes that a neighbour delivered to us over the past couple of weeks and packed up some of her office.

We had a very nice weekend. It was hot instead of warm at 27C (81F).

It has cooled off today and is only 16C (61F) but I'll take it! About all I did today was go out and pick up some groceries.


  1. 81 degrees??? No fair! You are way up north and I am in sunny California, and how come you have the great weather! I'm glad for you because I'm sure you went through a winter that was worse than mine.

  2. It seems it got hot really fast! It's been 85 here. So glad you posted, I missed ya. At least you can pack slowly, not in a rush.


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