Saturday, 24 April 2010

Monday April 26, 2010

On Saturday we headed out to check out some garage sales but all we found was junk so we moved on to Commissioners Park to see the tulips. They're out very early this year as the Tulip Festival doesn't start till May7. Here are some photos.

The purple flowers are hyacinths.

When we got back from seeing the tulips, I checked the online classifieds and found us a nice electric lawnmower for a reasonable price so we picked it up, then back to the house to pick up some other stuff we had stored in the garage and headed for our storage unit. We unpacked the stuff and then returned to Ottawa via Merrickville. It's a trendy little town with lots of shops and galleries. We didn't stop at all but just returned home.

On Sunday, I decided I needed a new look so dyed my hair red. I've done this before and I quite like it red. Unfortunately the colour fades quickly compared to my regular colour.

I found some lamps in the classifieds also and we wound up buying two. They're very nice and also were reasonable.

It was supposed to rain on Sunday but we had beautiful sunshine all day. Likewise today but I think our luck has run out. The next two days are supposed to be cold and rainy.


  1. What lovely pictures, Sandra! Thanks.
    So you are a flamin' hot red head now!! It's great.
    Gordon, you have a lot to get used to! New wife, new house, new lifestyle, all about the same time.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. I love the red on you, very spunky! I know what you mean about it fading so quickly! Darn!

    And of course,I drooled over your wonderful tulip photos, so many colors, acres of them!!!
    Good luck next week with the case!


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