Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Tuesday March 30, 2010-Thoughts

It was supposed to rain till Wednesday but I woke up this morning to bright blue skies and lots of sun! I can handle that. It was a bit chilly at -1C (30F) when I went out for my walk on the Trans Canada Trail but I enjoyed it anyway.

Gordon was going to see his friend Jim this morning as Jim needed some help with Photoshop and Gordon is an expert at it so it was just Max and I.

I've been thinking of discontinuing Nightly News now that we are no longer on the road and I'm not publishing nightly and starting a new blog, something like The Trials & Tribulations of Owning a Sticks & Bricks or something like that. The idea is forming at the back of my little pea brain somewhere.

Not much else happened today. I watched decorating shows for most of the day. Got some ideas!


  1. Whatever you decide, I'm glad you are at least going to continue writing. I'm facing the same dilemma - how can I publish "Gypsy's on the Road Again" when Gypsy isn't going anywhere for a few months. When you get in the habit of regularly writing a journal or blog, it's a good idea to keep it up.

  2. I agree with Gypsy, it will be neat to see the transformation going back to stix & bricks. We all may need to know sometime down the line. Just give us a new title, we'll follow. Thanks for posting.

  3. It could still be "Nightly News", that doesn't imply Full Timing. Even if you don't want to post every night!

    There might be some who would like to read about your transition and/or your travels in continuity.

    Just my tuppence (2 cents in Brit), Penny,TX


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