Friday, 25 December 2009

Friday December 25, 2009-It's Christmas!

It was a mild, cloudy morning but a beautiful morning for my walk. I walked along the Trans Canada Trail to the cut off at Old Colony Road and then walked back through the residential area. I really like my ice grippers!

We opened gifts this morning. Nancy had gotten us a lot of foodie stuff as she knows that we don't need anything extra to put inside the RV.

I finished up making my cornbread stuffing this afternoon and we headed over to my sister's house around 4 p.m. My nephew, Nick was working today so he arrived just before 6 p.m. We had a lovely dinner as usual and even though we weren't supposed to be getting any gifts, we did! I also brought home my Mother's winter coat which has been in my sister's coat closet since 2002. It's a nice winter coat so I'm getting it cleaned and I'll probably wear at, at least for this winter.

Our niece is quite the accomplished musician. She has three horns now so she bought herself a carrying case so she can carry all three of them.

Her three horns

The whole family

Becky, Nick and Gordon. Becky has a new hairdo!

Betty & Garth

Margie in her new hat

This is the Cottage frame that we made for Nick and Becky. We bought the frame and Gordon made the photos fit in each of the letters. No easy task!

We got home around 10 p.m., tired and stuffed!

Even if I do hate winter, it was so nice to be able to spend time with the whole family! Hope everyone had a great Christmas Day!


  1. Great family pictures! There's always an upside when things seem upside down.

  2. Oh, Great, you are able to go on your walks again. I hope the weather holds up for many more.

    Just think, you wouldn't have been able to have had this lovely family reunion if you had come down south.
    Every cloud has a silver lining.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX


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