Saturday, 7 November 2009

Sunday November 8, 2009-Yesterday's Milestone

On Saturday night, I finally got 100,000 hits on my blog. It's taken since January 2006 so I'm no Tioga George but it certainly is a milestone for me. Mind you, because of technical problems I've started counters over a few times but I'm so happy to finally reach 100,000. Thanks to all my readers!

What a beautiful sunny warm day Sunday turned out to be! I was almost too warm on my morning walk.

Gordon had gone out before sunrise and on his way back had stopped at the flu clinic when they opened and gotten his bracelet and was told to come back at 9:30 a.m. so I got ready and went with him but stayed in the truck. It took under an hour for him to get the shot and wait his 15 minutes to see if he was going to react.

After that we went home to pick up Gordon's camera and while there moved Nancy's outdoor furniture to the garage then we headed out to Richmond Lagoons about 5 miles south of us where Gordon went at sunrise this morning. The lagoons were filled with geese at sunrise and still had some but not nearly as many as when he was there earlier. We walked a bit beside the lagoons but decided it wasn't very interesting so took off to another trail we had seen but not been on.

Richmond Lagoons

Monaghan Forest trail also isn't terribly interesting but it was something different.

Trail at Monaghan Forest

After that we headed home for lunch.

I had wanted to go to my hometown area around Morrisburg, ON all summer but never got there so today we went.

This house used to be my schoolhouse. It was a one room schoolhouse where I went to school for the first eight years. My school teacher's daughter lives there now.

This was the farmhouse where I spent the first 17 years of my life. Unfortunately the people who own it now have let it go downhill. It was such a beautiful house!

This is the plaque that my sisters and I had done after my Mom passed away in 2002

We also planted this red maple tree in their honour. It's right by the path in Morrisburg where they lived in the latter years of their life and is right by the St. Lawrence River.

More of the path and the river

This is where they moved after they sold the farm. It was originally owned by my mother's parents.

And Morrisburg even has a Tim Horton's!

This is an old barn in a corn field that we saw along the way

And boats at a marina all stored for the winter.

What an absolutely gorgeous day. We actually reached a high of 19C (67F).


  1. That must be a lot of work to get the boats ready for winter. We did not have to do that here on the Westcoast. The boats stay in the water and we just spread a tarp over our boat. It always was a big clean-up in the spring though.

  2. Another example of how well our medical system does work.

  3. Wow, going down memory lane for you and very informational for us. Thanks for taking us along.

  4. Michelle2:28 pm

    Hi Sandra,
    I'm so glad you posted the pictures of where you and your family used to live and where you went to school. I've never seen them, so its nice to see them. Plus, documenting your history as well is a good thing and fun.

  5. Congratulations on 100,000 visits!

    Tioga George


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