Thursday, 27 August 2009

Thursday August 27, 2009 - Washing the RV-Step1

Brrrr it was cold this morning, only 10C (50F) but bright and sunny. I wore my gloves when I went for my walk.

After breakfast, I boiled some eggs and cut up the potatoes I boiled last night for potato salad. Then I went in to town to pick up some groceries. I needed fruit but somehow came home with about $50 worth of groceries. Stuff sure adds up! After unpacking the groceries, I washed all the fruit, I read that this keeps fruit flies away and so far it's working!

I had my lunch while reading my latest book by P.D. James and had a short nap.

When I got up I shelled and cut up the eggs and cut up an orange sweet pepper for my potato salad.

Betty dropped by on her way back from Toronto to firm up plans for us for tomorrow.

After she left we got busy on the RV. Gordon washed the roof and I finished washing the underpart of the front. The roof always has to be done first due to all the black stuff the comes off the roof down onto the sides. When he was done I hosed down the outside but now we definitely have to wash the side walls. the hosing down didn't take all the guck from the roof off the sides. It's a big job! We'll have to finish it another day.

It turned cloudy later in the day and I don't think the temperature reached 21C (70F) so it was a perfect day for working on the RV.

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