Monday, 25 May 2009

Monday May 25, 2009

It was 9C (49F), sunny and windy this morning. The wind was coming right out of the north. I had to put the hood up on my jacket to keep my baseball cap on. I wore my gloves again....on the 25th of May! Here's are some photos of my morning walk.

The end of the road

On the way back to the RV park

Wild strawberry flowers along the road

Pretty canopy of trees over the road

Back on the paved road

The horse barn

Beautiful horses

Back at the RV park

Walking toward the river in the RV park

The RV's across from the river

Going up the hill toward our RV

While I was sleeping Gordon got the Windows part of my Mac working again so I should now be able to run my genealogy software. I also got some programs put back on the PC side so I can synch my PDA. I installed Microsoft Office and my old Streets and Trips software.

Other than that, a nap and a short walk around the RV park, that about made up my day! It never did get too warm today and the breeze was cool all day. The highest I saw was 18C (64F) but it was sunny all day!

My walk around the RV park

Along the river

The Mississippi (Ontario) River

Pretty little blue flowers - no idea what they are

Pretty little violet


  1. Wow, beautiful pictures. It looks like a really nice place to be except for the temps...

  2. We used to stay at a fishing camp, Browns Fishing Camp, along the Little Mississippi River, not far from MacArthur's Mills in Ontario...I remember well those wild good...

  3. Gosh I wish where I walked looked look as nice as you walk. Great pictures


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