Friday, 3 April 2009

A Short Move & A Trip Around the Lake

Today we moved from Frog's Hollow RV Park to the Corps of Engineers Park on Grenada Lake, a distance of about 6 miles or so. You pick up an envelope at the self-register booth then go into the campground and pick your site, fill out the envelope, put your money inside, tear off the stub and put it on the post of your site and take the envelope and money back to the self-register booth.

We got backed in to the first site we tried, got out our 25 ft electric cord - it wasn't long enough. We moved to the next site and that was ok and we even have internet and TV satellite from here as well as a beautiful view of Grenada Lake from both our back and side windows. We're in a really good spot for sunrises.

Our site

Another view of our site

View from dining room window

View from living room window

View from rear window

This site is reserved from April 9th so we've signed up till Monday and will probably leave then to head north again (depending on the weather, of course).

After lunch we took off to do some sightseeing. We stopped at some places near us including a short hike and then continued on to Gore Springs then across Grenada Lake. We tried to find Carver Point in the Hugh White State Park but never did find it. We sure found some bad roads though. Our drive took us around the lake and we found that our immediate area here at the Corps of Engineers Park is the prettiest. I'm glad we decided to spend a few days here. It's definitely a 'come back to' place!

A pretty drive

Our path for today

The beach

The sign speaks for itself and refers to the photo below it

Hmmmm....ya think?

This butterly posed for us

Beautiful dogwood

Here's the lake

After breakfast for dinner, it's another TV night!


  1. What a beautiful peaceful spot. It sure doesn't look crowded....

  2. Great campground. I hope we can find these places when we get on the road! Thanks for sharing.

    Joe and Sherri

  3. Anonymous1:49 pm

    WOW...nice campsite. You always seem to find the best places. I love being near the water especially if you can have the windows open. This is a beautiful world we live in.

    Donna, FL

  4. Wow, I have pictures I've scanned of that area. Thanks so much for sharing, a must in our travels.


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