Sunday, 5 April 2009

March Expenses and Stuff

Morning-56F (13C)-cloudy
Afternoon-77F (25C) -some sun, humid

I had a nice walk this morning, it was warm but cloudy. I didn't take my camera and didn't see anything but I heard a lot of woodpeckers.

After breakfast I finished inputting the March expenses so here's the result. Remember the total is in Canadian funds. In US funds, it would be roughly $2450.00. Considering we're traveling and not getting the benefit of long term camping prices, using more fuel and stocking up on items that I can't get at home, it's not a bad total.

After lunch, I plugged the address of the Superwalmart into Miss Pinky. I got in the truck and was getting a radio station that I liked when there was a knock on my window wanting to know where we're from. It turns out the lady in question is from Pembroke which is some 2 hours northwest of Ottawa. I've been in Pembroke many times. She is now married to a guy from Mississippi and lives here. Small world!

Away I went to Walmart. Miss Pinky sent me in the wrong direction and I don't think it's her fault. I think that the address online is incorrect. I did find it and got there and back without getting lost. I also stopped at Dollar Tree for a few items.

It was pretty humid today but the weather is about to change. Due to the storms in the plains states that are heading east we've now decided to stay put until Wednesday. The campground is a great price at $9 US per night and it's a beautiful place to be so why get stuck in the snow and cold!

Gordon has updated his journal a couple of times since we arrived here, to see it click here.

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  1. Since I'm keeping up with a few budgets and on my Lists, I've recalculated the totals. Looks like we can still make it.


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