Saturday, 24 May 2008

Nothing New Here

Other than my morning walk, I didn't go out today which was a shame since it actually got to 21C (70F).

I had planned to wash the nose of the RV but that didn't get done again. I need to get it done before we leave here as RV washing isn't allowed at our next stop.

I made Linda Payne's ( Oh My Spareribs for dinner tonight so I'm hoping they're yummy and that they agree with me. With 1 cup of catsup in them it might be iffy especially since my whole intestinal system has been off kilter this week.

So other than surfing the internet, reading and napping the only thing that really happened was that Gordon got my PDA synched (backed up) after many months of me not being able to get it to work.

I took the photo today on my morning walk. There's a patch of small trees just getting started and only about a foot high that I thought were pretty.

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