Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Leg 9 - April 16th - Delaware, OH to Erie, PA

We left Delaware, Ohio this morning at 8:55 a.m. under clear, sunny skies and 45F (7C). Along our route the temperature gradually rose to a pleasant 65F (18C). Again, not much to take photos of along the way but here's what I have.

Alum Creek - Alum Creek State Park is right across from Cross Creek where we stayed. We'll have to check this out one day.

I took a photo of this van as it says - A blind man is driving this van. Not sure of the significance of that but sure hope it wasn't true as he had just passed us.

An Amish horse & buggy crossing over I-71. It's pretty blurry so I made it a vignette.

Some Ohio green along the way.

Another Titanium passes us and then there was one at the rest area when we stopped.

Daffodils at the rest area on I-271.

A couple of construction areas.

Finally, Pennsylvania!

There are a lot of bridges being worked on in Ohio but only one caused a real slowdown and then not much of one. Other than that, we had another uneventful trip. We arrived at Hill's Family Campground at Erie, PA right on the dot of 1:00 p.m. and were set up within 15 minutes. We're getting really good at this but I have to say I'm tried of breaking down and setting up every day.

Hill's Family Campground is right off I-90 and the best description of it is 'functional'. It has 50 amp, full hook up, cable TV and wifi (they say it's only in the office and rec room) but from our site #7 we can both reach it. Gordon had planned to set up the satellite dish but decided against it when we were able to reach the wifi.

Here are a few photos of the RV park.

Our site - it's handy, just drive straight in. We had the same site last year.

Here you can see the office and the entrance. This motorhome came in right behind us. So this is our rear window view.

Here's the restroom/showers and some other sites.

I had planned to defrost the refrigerator today but I think I'll wait until tomorrow as we have a short drive to Rochester NY KOA tomorrow. Today I put some chicken legs in the crockpot and threw together some things to put in with it. I wound up with potatoes, 1 cup of chicken broth, a little white wine and some soy bouillon along with some seasoned salt. Let's see what turns out! It's my Chicken Surprise!

After we got set up, I called the only park in Ottawa that's open, Rideau Heights Campground. It is just off Highway 16 and he does have a site for us so we booked it for a month. It's $540/month inclusive. The campground isn't much but it is in the heart of the city so will be handy for medical appointments. Unfortunately there's a lot of traffic around there as they've built up the area south on Highway 16 but the road remains only 2 lane. Also, there are no sidewalks so not much place for me to walk. Oh well, you've gotta do what you've gotta do!

It was a relief to get that looked after although the sites available were not the ones we wanted, the manager assures us that we can reach the satellite from the site he's keeping for us. I told him we'd be there on Friday so Friday will be a long travel day!

Gordon got through to our doctor and has made an appointment for Monday morning so things are falling into place.

I went to the 'modern' showers to have a shower this afternoon. They are the pushbutton style. You push the button and the water runs for maybe 30 seconds, you push it again...another 30 seconds. I didn't really get any hot water out of it at all and neither did the other lady who was there at the same time so we're not impressed with the showers.

For Gordon's synopsis of today, click here.


  1. Anonymous7:20 am

    Sandra, give a big wave to all my family in Rochester. That is where I am from !! Brother, sister, Mom & Dad all there !
    Not sure where the KOA is though.

  2. Hi Sandra, I met you on Howard & Lindas Chat...and just wanted to say wave to Pa. for us also. We were born and raised there...lived in Bradford area for many yrs and traveled to Erie, and Buffalo many many times.
    Have a safe trip with happy trails.
    southwestjudy & Bob & 2blackdogs

  3. The "blind man" sells and installs window blinds. We've seen three or four of these in various states as we travel.


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