Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Getting Ready to Leave Canada!

No rain this morning so I got to go for my walk on the beach. It almost felt like Mustang Island in Texas except I was walking beside a lake not the gulf.

When I got back we got ready to go into Fort Erie to cross into the U.S. and see what the route through Buffalo was like. We stopped at Canada Customs and got my new computer and camera registered as well as our Verizon cell phones and a camera lens that Gordon bought last winter. Then we continued on to Buffalo and drove on 190 till we hit I-90 and turned around (that's not an easy thing to do as there was no exit for I-90 Eastbound and we had to go further, turn around and come back). Traffic was light and hopefully the height at U.S. Immigration will be high enough. No one seemed to know how high it is but a big bus got through.

The Buffalo Skyline on our way back to Canada on 190

Back into Canada, we went to pick up a few groceries and some rice crackers for Gordon that I've never found in a grocery store in the U.S. Once he runs out, he'll have to eat Tostitos. We filled up with fuel so we don't have to go in search of that in the morning then stopped at Windmill Point RV Park just to see what it was like. I knew it was closed for the season so we could only look at it from the road. We definitely have the best park in the area where we are.

An old barn along Hwy 3 just west of Fort Erie

A couple of photos that we took along a side road on our way back to the RV park today

We stopped at the office on the way back and found out that the rates go down here on October 1st just so we have that information should we need it in the future.

I took another walk down to the beach this afternoon, probably my last until next year. It's so pretty here! Here are some photos that I took.

You can see that we had quite a bit of rain yesterday

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  1. Carolyn Hacking1:19 pm

    Hi Sandra:

    Where are you heading for this winter? Safe travels.

    Carolyn Hacking


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