Wednesday, 6 June 2007

A Day of Errands in Ottawa

It was 7C (44F) this morning but partly sunny. I went by myself this morning as I went earlier since I had to get ready to go into Ottawa as I had a chiropractor appointment early this afternoon and I wanted to make the most of my trip in so I had a long list of things to get done.

First thing I wanted to do was price lenses for my glasses. I got four quotes. There are so many different things to get from thickness of lenses to less distortion and all kinds of coatings. I still want to get one from Lenscrafters. Since I only get (up to) $200 back from my insurance, I want to get the best price that I can. The highest price I got was $946.50, that’s with the thinnest lenses, designer frames and the lenses with the least distortion with all the coatings. The best price was about $550 but I’m not sure what the thickness of the lens is as Sears just give you the best they have.

The lens shopping took up most of the time. I also stopped at Rainbow Foods to pick up some gluten free stuff and got some groceries. I got to my sister’s house just after she got home from work. Her husband filled up my six water jugs so now I have good Ottawa water for drinking. Danica was there playing her trumpet and I gave her the soccer ball that we had gotten at the Dodge dealer in Kingston. I had forgotten about it. Nick also dropped by as he was off today. He was meeting his wife at her job for 5:00 I dropped him off there and headed west to Carleton Place. From the time I left Margie’s to the time I arrived at Tranquil Acres it took me an hour in rush hour traffic but that included dropping Nick off.

Although I had a chiropractor’s appointment today by the time I got home my back was not happy with me!

I took a couple of photos at Margie’s but they aren’t that great so I’ll just say – No photos today!

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