Saturday, 12 May 2007

A Quiet Day at Tranquil Acres

It turned cold overnight so even though I got up late again (8:45 a.m.) it was only 9C (48F) and partly sunny so I dressed appropriately and took off for my walk. Unfortunately there isn’t too much around here to photograph that I haven’t already done.

When I got back and after breakfast, I posted our May receipts so far to my spreadsheet. The replacement of the tires and our weekend trip is really going to put us over our budget this month. However tires is something that’s a fact of our lifestyle and something that we have to be sure are safe. After that I backed up my computer to my hard drive that I bought in Port Aransas and cleaned out one of my cupboards under the sink and lined it with the rubbery shelf liner that RVers use.

The rest of the day was spent reading my book and various magazines that I’ve collected from my sister as well as my RVing magazines that I got when we first picked up our mail at my younger sister’s place.

We went for a walk late this afternoon just around the park but didn’t find anything to photograph so I’m borrowing another photo from Gordon that he took this morning at sunrise.

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