Wednesday, 11 April 2007


Lots of robins here!

Our row- we're the first RV

The weather wasn’t very nice today. We had rain and wind off and on however when I got up it was 46F (8C) and although it had rained overnight, it wasn’t raining then so was able to go for a walk around the park. The sun even came out ever so briefly.

We lazed around this morning and I got a stew made. It’s the first one we’ve had since sometime in Texas. After the stew finished cooking, Gordon dropped me at Walmart to pick up some things and he went to scout out the area for photos. Unfortunately it started to rain quite hard so after he picked me up again, we headed home.

We’ve signed up for another day here since today was pretty much written off as far as seeing anything is concerned so Friday we leave for Cedarbrook Campground in Lebanon, OH for three days.

Our high today was 62F (17C) so it wasn’t bad if it hadn’t rained so hard.

Oh, and, we must be back in colder weather. My throat is scratchy and I feel like a cold is coming on and my eyes are all fuzzy. It’s allergy season!

Oh, and we’re on a tornado watch until 11:00 p.m.

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