Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Housework and Lakes Park

My favorite bird - this blue heron just stood there and posed for me

A grove of palms in the park

All the white dots are birds roosting for the night

The weather here over the past week or so has been warmer not necessarily temperature wise but with less breeze it feels warmer. We’ll be happy to start heading north come Saturday.

I noticed when we got home last night that I got quite a bit of sun yesterday. Since I was wearing a sleeveless T-shirt my shoulders and arms got quite tanned especially since I had the window open for most of the day.

Today Gordon had an appointment to take the truck in for service. This was an expensive service as the rear synthetic oil had to be changed so $700+ and four hours later he got home. I spent the time doing the laundry, vacuuming, washing floors and cleaning the bathroom.

We still have quite a few places we want to go before we leave on Saturday and I also need to pick up some groceries and make either a stew or roast beef in the crockpot so it’s ready or is easily ready when we stop for the night.

Tonight after dinner we took the bikes over to Lakes Regional Park and biked around the park. I hadn’t seen all of it and we covered more area on the bikes than we would walking but you see more when you’re walking. We did see the birds coming in to roost in one area of trees for the night and lots of great blue herons and a bald eagle as well as the usual anhingas and all kinds of smaller birds but no alligators!

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