Wednesday, 29 November 2006

A Great Day to be at the Beach!

My walk on the beach this morning was under 78F (26C) temperatures and a fairly strong wind but not enough to blow the sand around. It’s so beautiful! I wasn’t alone this morning. There were a couple of other people walking. Quite a few RVs came into the park yesterday. We’re nowhere near full though.

After breakfast I again sat outside in my lawn chair until the sun left us and it became cloudy and seemed to be cooler although it was still 77F (25C). With the wind blowing it just seems to be cooler.

Birds on the beach

This afternoon I walked down to the beach and just walked around taking photos and listening to the radio. They have a really good oldies station in Corpus Christi 93.9 FM. They play real oldies from the 50’s and 60’s. I thought 1310 AM in Ottawa was good but this one is way better. You’ve got to be really carefully walking barefoot on the beach as they are a lot of Portuguese Man o’War (see photo). Nasty looking things! Their sting is dangerous to humans and has been responsible for deaths and there are lots of them here of all sizes. Needless to say, I either have beach shoes or my sneakers on when I’m on the beach. It was amazing to be on the beach all by myself in the middle of the day. There was no one anywhere that I could see up and down the expanse of beach which goes for miles.

Portuguese Man O'War

Pelicans in flight

This time of year I have a problem making dinner as it's usually too hot to put the oven on and I don't really like to fry meat. There's always the crockpot but I always think of that too late. In the summer, Gordon barbecues but by the time we eat dinner in the late fall/winter/early spring, it’s too dark so tonight I just browned some chicken breasts and put them in with a can of the tomato basil soup (that you can only buy in Canada) mixed with ½ water and ½ cooking wine and we’ll see how it tastes. It’s sort of a poor man’s chicken cacciatore. This soup doesn’t have any wheat flour in it unlike plain tomato soup so I stock up before we leave. We’ll see what this concoction tastes like!

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