Friday, 14 July 2006

Miscellaneous Stuff

I was up extra early this morning as Gordon had to be in Ottawa for his bone density test for 8:00 a.m. and I need his help to give Bib one of his medications. It was still not too hot when I went out for my walk so it’s lucky that I got up when I did as it got real warm real fast. With the heat and humidity, you could really smell the hay on the fields. I’m not sure that being out this morning was good for my allergies as my eyes were watery and itchy all morning.

This morning I got potatoes and eggs boiled to make potato salad as I didn’t think we’d enjoy a hot meal tonight. I also got some photos uploaded to Yahoo.

Gordon got back from his appointment shortly after 10 a.m. but had to go back into Ottawa for a doctor’s appointment for noon so I decided to go with him. We got some errands run while we were there and had lunch at Bayshore Shopping Mall where Gordon could have his Taco Bell and I could ‘Eat Fresh’ and we could get a prescription filled at our pharmacy. On our way home, we drove by the Nepean Equestrian Park. They are having their Kubota Capital Classic Show Jumping Tournament this weekend so there are all kinds of striped tents and trailers of all kinds on the grounds. Gordon sees a photo op!

So, the rule is if we eat out at lunch time, I don’t have to make dinner. When we got home, I tried sitting outside to read my book. There was a really nice breeze but Bib was whining wanting to come out with me and he’s not supposed to be eating things off the ground so I came inside instead and read and had a nap. Then I got potato salad ready for tomorrow. It’s always better made a day ahead. I also took some photos of the orange tractor on the grounds of the park. It’s parked beside a rail fence and I think it looks so pretty sitting there so the photo for today is of the orange tractor.

I’m getting the bug to start painting again. I’ve got our sign with our names on it to finish. I gave up on trying to do it in Tucson as it was too dry and my paint kept drying out but now with the humidity here in Ottawa I have little excuse except maybe laziness. Maybe this weekend????

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