Friday, 23 June 2006

Hospital and Sequence

A little humour (considering you can't get anywhere in Ottawa these days without being tied up with construction)

Today was sunny but seemed quite cool in the shade.

This morning was spent reading and this afternoon Gordon had to go back to the Ottawa General Hospital so the doctor could check his lip. It has healed and all is okay there. Bib and I went with him and as there wasn’t any parking on Lynda Lane across from the hospital, we dropped Gordon at the hospital and then I went in search of a place to wait. I ended up spending part of the time at the high school on Dauphin Street near the hospital, some time parked on a nearby street and then at Rotel on the hospital grounds. It took about 50 minutes by the time we arrived to the time I picked him up.

We headed home arriving around 3:15 p.m.

After dinner, Mel and Janice came over with their game of ‘Sequence’. Janice and I won over Mel and Gordon three games to one!


  1. nice blog........havva a nice time

  2. *L* I love the sign!

    What happened to Gordon's lip? Did I miss reading something in your postings?

    I really like the Museum of Civilization. Actually, David's company Christmas party was held 2 years ago in the grand hall there with the totem poles. It was quite the event - very beautiful. Last year it was at the National Art Gallery, again in their grand hall with all the glass - even more beautiful than the Museum! :)

  3. He had some kind of a lesion on the inside of his lip. It was some sort of cell that grew. Looked kind of like a big pimple but just wouldn't go away. I think I mentioned it in a posting a couple of weeks ago.



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