Friday, 21 April 2006

A Slow and Rainy Day!

Caden, Tracy & Lillian (Daddy's at work)

A little redhead with her prayer bunny


Grandpa and his girls-Faith & Grace

Grace and her prayer bunny

Faith and Grace on their front porch

Faith and Grace in the top bunk

Faith riding her new bike

It was supposed to rain today but remained sunny until shortly after noon. It started raining around 4 p.m. and the temperature fell a bit. We didn’t need the electric heater at all last night and the temperature inside the RV didn’t go below about 67F.

The plan today had been to take the laundry over to Michelle’s and make my Refried Beans recipe at her house for tomorrow’s family gathering. However, yesterday being a very long day I had decided that I would stay home and then Gordon also decided that he didn’t want to go out today either so we spent the day napping and computering and generally trying to get ourselves rested up for tomorrow.

We finished off the butterscotch pie today too! Always a sad moment!

Not much to say for today so I’ve uploaded several photos that I’ve taken over the last three days.

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