Saturday, 11 March 2006

Rainy, Cloudy Saturday

Main Street, Tombstone

Boot Hill

Today was very windy with a mixture of sun, clouds, rain on and off and about 61F. A good day for spending inside, which we did, napping, reading and doing computer stuff. I made chicken cacciatore for dinner and that’s about the extent of our day. I did the usual walks this morning – about 44F.

We signed up for another day here as it looks like Monday will be a nicer day for traveling so we’ll head over to Las Cruces then.

Photos today were taken at Tombstone yesterday.

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  1. Maybe you could help me -- How do you put text under a pic. We I add pics they are just at the beginning of the blog and can't seem to get how to add pics with a description under each and then text for the blog. Thanks you could add as comment on our blog.
    Just saw yours as your comment was on Laura & Rich's which I have been following. Yours is very good hope to read more and familaiar with where you are now.


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