Monday, 27 February 2006


Two of our neighbours left yesterday afternoon after I posted my blog so we didn’t have anyone right outside our door until we got home tonight. These people parked the other way so we can only see their sewer hose. Not sure which is worse! Also yesterday after they left, we moved one of their picnic tables onto our site as we didn’t have one. It’s been so long since we’ve had a picnic table, I can’t remember. Most campgrounds in the west don’t supply them so we have a fold up table that we carry for the barbecue but I was hoping to get my plaque started with our names on it and our camp chairs are too low to work with our table.

Today dawned bright and sunny again. This morning it was 45F when I got up and reached 81F this afternoon.

Gordon had gone to see Saguaro National Park West yesterday afternoon so today we headed through the city to see Saguaro National Park East. They have a one way eight mile drive through the park that we took and stopped in a picnic area to eat our lunch. The photo is of Bib and I after our picnic. We took several photos and then took a different route through the city and continued on the the Western park where we took more photos which you can see on my Yahoo photo site at:

On the way back we stopped to pick up some water. We got spoiled when we were in Mesa. They had two water machines at the resort and you could buy water from the machine for 25¢ per gallon. It was convenient and cheap! I still don’t like drinking campground water and we’ve heard on the news how terrible water is in Arizona. It’s amazing how here in the desert they can sell you water so cheaply and at home in Ontario, it’s so expensive!

Something else I’ve noticed in Arizona is they don’t have motorcycle helmet laws. Consequently very few motorcyclists don’t wear helmets. I guess no one down here values their brain! After 26 years working for State Farm Auto Claims handling injuries, I can’t imagine anyone riding a motorcycle without one. On the other hand, most bicyclists do wear helmets. Go figure!

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  1. every couple of days, I catch up on where you are.
    Love your blog. More pics please.
    safe journey.


  2. You know - you have some really beautiful photos on here!

    I think I much prefer the name of "Sandra" for you - not "Ethel"! LOL - that was a cute comment!


  3. Thanks for your comments. I have more pictures if anyone is interested at:



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