Saturday, 25 February 2006

Preparing To Move On !

Today we’re getting mentally and physically prepared to move on tomorrow. We are heading to Tucson even though we don’t have a reservation at a campground. I have spoken with the office at the Prince of Tucson and have been told that they can put us in a water/electric spot probably for a night or two and then move us to a full hook up site. For a week we don’t really need full hook ups though.

Yesterday I had noticed that there was someone else in the campground from Ontario and the license plate said that their Saturn had been purchased at Pickering Saturn. They also have a DirecWay dish on their C Class motorhome from 3i Communications. So today when we came back from our showers they were outside with their dog so we talked to them for a while. Their dish is automatic and costs $8000! It takes 5-10 minutes to find the satellite so even though we have to set ours up physically it usually only takes 15-20 minutes to get it set up so for the extra $, I think we’ll keep what we have.

This afternoon I headed west to Cottonwood to go to WalMart to buy groceries. I never seem to get out of there under $100 these days. I drove around some side streets in Cottonwood and then headed back to Camp Verde. I stopped at the little shopping mall there but didn’t find much. Then I drove into Camp Verde and back to the RV park to unload and put away the groceries.

After feeding the dog, he and I went for a walk, then I had a short nap.

I’m looking forward to moving on tomorrow. I think Gordon has mixed feelings. He mentioned this morning that he wouldn’t mind staying another week but as of now, I think we’re going. All that could change over night though!

I have two photos posted for today, one is of the countryside area around the RV park. The photo was taken from the park and the other is of the office/clubhouse at the RV park. Very nice clubhouse with free wifi.

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