Tuesday, 17 January 2006

Breakfast at Cracker Barrel

This morning Gordon left before the sun came up to go to the Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park to take photos. He got back about 9:30 a.m. and we headed for breakfast at Cracker Barrel.

This is the first city that we've stayed at where there's been a Cracker Barrel since we crossed into the US on November 1st. I still have gift certificates that were given to me by my co-workers when I left work in August 2004. Their breakfasts are always really good!

After breakfast we went to downtown Yuma to take some photos and found a small outdoor market that takes place on Tuesdays so I had a look around there while Gordon took some photos of the downtown area.

From there we picked up the dog food that I had ordered for Bib at a local vet and then we went east on North Frontage Road to see how close we could get to the mountain which turned out to be not very close. The road ended and there were ATV trails but nothing that would accommodate a one ton truck!

We returned to the RV park where I sat outside and read for a while again in bright sunshine. It was below 40F this morning when I got up but it warmed up to about 68F this afternoon.

Tonight we're watching TV and processing photos.

The photo today is of me at Cracker Barrel.

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